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Brown Eyes

Our Story

"Fancy Lash was created to inspire and empower people regardless of age, race or gender to feel beautiful with lashes that not only compliment their diverse eye shapes, but their unique personalities, too. Being a long time lover of lashes, I was disappointed with the industry's selection of lashes on top of the huge price difference between drugstore and department store lashes. Where were the quality lashes at a reasonable price?! After 5 years of extensive market research, Fancy Lash was born. We began our journey with 10 signature styles featuring false lashes fit for all eye shapes that included the first ever multi-layered 3-in-1 lash. Since then, we have created more than 30 lash styles and accessories that range from natural to glamorous, all while holding up their promise of complimenting any eye shape and makeup style you desire! We hope you find your go-to styles and become a lifelong member of our growing Fancy Lash family."

- Joe Huynh -

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