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This is a controversial topic regarding the use of pre-made volume fans rather than hand made fans. Hand making fans is where the technician hand makes each fan, within the application process. These technicians are highly skilled and took the time learn the Russian Volume technique by taking accredited classes. Another criteria a hand made volume artist knows, is that a hand made fan can wrap onto the natural lash and will result in excellent retention and a seamless bond.

Those that use pre-made fans usually do so because they want to offer their clients volume but are not already volume trained – or do not want to take time to create handmades.I want to offer a pre-made volume range to because we believe that there is a place in the industry for them, but that they MUST be used correctly and safely.

How to use it?

Option 1: Using fast during your appointment
- Put the silicone pad in a flat surface or near your workspace
- Take a bundle of loose fans you gonna use, and then put them on the silicon pads.
- Gently use your tweezers to separate them and start lashing.

Option 2: Prepare slowly before your appointment
- Put the silicone pad in a flat surface or near your workspace
- Arrange the premade inline (just like you stick it on a double sticky tape). Each line is one size/curl/ diameter.
- When clients come, start lashing.

When you create a fan, you create it to suit the natural lash, so you must ensure that you pick up a pre-made that suits that lash, rather than just using what is in the tray you purchased.

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